How To Remove Palikan:

Removing Palikan requires two steps. First you must uninstall Palikan from the Add or Remove Programs section located in the Control Panel

*Keep in Mind: Step two requires that you remove the rest of the adjustments or settings of Palikan from your browser. You may still have settings from Palikan remaining after the uninstallation. If Palikan does not show up in the ‘Programs’ list, go to step two.

Begin by closing all browsers. Go to the Start menu and select Control Panel


In the Programs area, click on the Uninstall a program section (or Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP/Vista/7).

control panel

Select Palikan and select the Uninstall/Change section.



Second step is resetting your browser settings


Choose your browser from this list and follow the instructions.

In the Chrome menu, in  the browser toolbar section, select the settings button



1.Resetting your Homepage:

Within Appearance check the  ‘Show Home’ button. Then click ‘Change’.

Choose ‘Use the New  Tab’ page or enter any website address that you prefer.



2. Reset default search:

Under the Search section, choose Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other preferred search engine from the menu

change search

3. Within the ‘On startup’ section, click on the Set pages button and click on the tiny ‘x’ button on the right side to delete”Palikan” 

set pages

set up pages

1. Here’s how to reset your homepage.

First, enter the Firefox menu (located in the top-left corner) and choose ‘Options’

firefox removal

Under ‘Home Page’, choose the ‘Restore to Default’ option. Then click ‘OK’

ff home page

2.  Reset your default search browser

Select the logo on the left hand side of the ‘search’ box. Click ‘Change search engine’ and Select the search engine you prefer the most.

search engine

search engines box

Click on the Tools button menu. Scroll down and choose ‘Internet Options’


1. Here’s how to Reset your Homepage:

In the General tab, Homepage section, click on Use default button to use MSN, IE’s default search engine, or otherwise write another homepage URL at the text box    

ff home page


ie home page

2. Here’s how to remove the new tab extension:

on the General tab, Tabs section, click the Tabs button

tab 9

Here’s how to change the default address when you open a new tab: Go to the ‘When a new tab is opened’ section, and choose another option like ‘Your First Home page’ or enter another site




3. Here’s how to reset your default search engine:  On IE Tools menu,  select Manage add-ons

manage add ons

Here’s how to choose your default Search provider

Then, Right-click your preferred search engine (e.g. Bing, Google) and select Set As Default. Then select Palikan and choose ‘remove’

ie search provider

  • Go within the Opera menu (go to the top-left corner)
  • Go to your Preferences
  • Select, ‘Search’ tab
  • Select Palikan
  • Select ‘Delete’ and click OK

Browser Compatibility

Is your Browser Compatible with Palikan?
Take a look at our current list of browsers in this compatibility chart. See if your browser will work with our tool.

Browser Home page Search    New tab changed to home page   
IE + + +
FF latest + + -
Chrome + + +
Opera latest - - -
Safari - - -