What is Palikan?

Palikanis an all-purpose solution to better browsing. We have two main components–one is our blog and one is the Add-on/Extension.

What Topics are in the Palikan Blog?

We are covering all topics under the internet sun. We plan to review websites, give updates about influential internet companies, and give recommendations on high quality internet products. Please send tips if you have a good story to tell!

We also plan on including op-ed or opinion pieces in Palikan. Once we are a bit more established we hope to bring in some top bloggers and journalists to make their contributions on our platform.

What is the Palikan Tool?

The Palikan tool is a web enhancer. It is a framework for navigating the web with confidence. The tool helps you organize the best websites in your internet travels, and keep them on your page to be accessed at any time.

How Do I Remove the Palikan Add-on/Extension Tool?

Here is the link for the removal instructions for Palikan. If you have a more specific question, send us a message through our support portal–we would be happy to help you out.

Is Palikan a Virus?

No, absolutely not. Palikan is a helpful browsing tool that can bring you closer to the web content you love. Forget about typing in long complicated URLs that make web navigation a huge hassle–don’t worry, Palikan has got you covered.