Palikan is the newest and freshest resource for internet news, updates, and reviews. We are excited to share with you all of the fascinating developments going on all the time in the ever evolving world of the web.

Welcome to the World of Palikan

We are here to contribute our unique perspective to the internet journalism industry. With so many internet blogs and journals out there, it’s tough to choose which ones are the best, which will give you the most reliable information. Although we are the new guys on the block, we are daring to throw in our lot with the best of them to make an impact in the industry.

The Palikan Tool Making Your Life Easier

OK, we admit, we are also web developers. Who would have thought that internet news junkies could also code? We have combined our talents to create the perfect tool for people who also spend 99% of their waking hours on the web.

The Palikan homepage is an Add-on in Firefox and an Extension on Chrome browsers. Brass tacks aside, the Palikan homepage is an all around great way to make the best of your time every minute you are online.

So, how will it help you become a browsing machine? On the Palikan page you can store all of your preferred sites on the web, all in a completely customizable manner.


As the name suggests, your Palikan homepage is the next generation of how you begin and continue a browsing session (once you have Palikan, why ever go offline again?) On your homepage you have every available resource for a fulfilling session on the browser. When you first create your Palikan, it will come automatically with categories containing your previously most visited websites. This is in the “most visited” section of the page.

Palikan, ever the thinker, will also equip you with a ‘Recommended’ section of websites that you will almost certainly find intriguing. We created some super smart algorithms to compile this information, and we think you will enjoy it.


The Palikan tabs are the brickwork that form the Palikan homepage. Each time you find another great feed or news source, you can easily make it a tab on your homepage.

And by the way, if you don’t like the way a tab looks, or the location of the tab on your page, you can easily and quickly change it! Nearly one hundred percent of all the aspects on the Palikan page can be easily rearranged to your liking. Yes, almost every single thing can be adjusted.

Let’s say you don’t fully appreciate our artwork that provides the background for your homepage (hey, we won’t be offended or anything) than you have all the means in the world to change it! Just go to the settings on the upper left hand corner of the page, and upload a picture of your own to fill the void.

Where Did the Idea For Palikan Come From?

The Palikan team is not unlike many other internet enthusiasts (read: nerds) out there. We are always hungry for more information. The value between our friends is fresh content–who can find it? Who has the best source for a news break? Who has the best insider information?

We are those people you know who actually get to the end of the content feeds. Yes, we scroll until our thumbs cramp, and then we switch to our other hand. It’s a constant process of consumption and we love it! We may be becoming a bit myopic, but hey, there’s always laser eye surgery for that!

We wanted an ideal solution to encapsulate our passion for scrolling with an organization tool that will bring all our feeds together in a clean way. We believe the Palikan family of content and tools will change the way we all browse. Palikan was created by people who spend a great deal of time online, and who value an efficient online experience. We hope you take advantage!